29th Annual Talent & Lip Sync Contest, April 27th

SHS Sophomore Class in partnership with the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce proudly presents the

29th Annual Talent and Lip Sync Contest

April 27th, 5:30pm Sign Up, 6:30 Show Time

This fun community tradition is expanding to include other talents and will become a Sophomore Class fund-raising opportunity. Students will learn: event management, promotion, finance, performance arts production management. They will also learn how to sell, write and produce advertisements to support event sponsors and the Sky Valley business community.

We invite you to join this fun tradition! For more info contact:

SHS Sophomore Class Contact: Katherine Power, Katherine.power@sultan.k12.wa.us ; Talea Blasko,  452-419-3357; Maddy Jeffries, 360-322-2365

Sky Valley Chamber contact: Debbie Copple, 360-793-0983 or debbie@skyvalleyvic.net

Yes, my business would love to join the fun.

Headliner Sponsorship                        $75.00            

Spot Light Sponsorship                      $50.00            

Supporting Cast Sponsorship  $25.00            

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