Utility Information

Standard Monthly Water, Assessment & Storm Water Rates

Update as of 01/01/2024 – New Rates

Residential Monthly Water Utility Rates – Per Meter                                         
Base Quantity  6,000 gallons…………….In City/$46.28 ……….Outside City/$55.29

Gallons over Base quantity         Inside City $/Per Gallon           Outside City $/Per Gallon

 6,001-7,500 0.003920 0.004989
 7,5001-9,000 0.004313 0.005489
9,001-12,000 0.004742 0.006037
12,001 & above 0.005217 0.006640

Multi-Family Residences

Meter Size Base Quantity, Gallons Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
3/4 Meter 6,000 $49.80 $57.82
1″ Meter 8,000 $71.74 $79.76
1-1/2 & 2″ Meters 24,000 $136.22 $144.24
3″ Meter 80,000 $404.64 $412.66
4″ Meter 160,000 $977.21 $985.24

Commercial and Industrial Water Base Rates

Meter Size Base Quantity, Gallons Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
3/4 Meter 7,500 $52.31 $60.35
1″ Meter 10,000 $74.25 $82.29
1-1/2 & 2″ Meters 30,000 $138.75 $146.79
3″ Meter 100,000 $407.12 $415.15
4″ Meter 200,000 $982.60 $990.63

Water System Assessment Charge, Monthly Rate
Individual residential or commercial: $63.64 per connection
Multi-Family: $49.10 per unit
Rates for qualifying low income senior citizens/disabled 55+ inside and outside city limits: $16.35

Bulk Water Usage Fees
$50.00 Per connection
Rate is $40.73 for 0-6,000 gallons per connection
Rate is .005043 per gallon over the allowed 6,000 gallons per connection

Water rates and fee increases
Water rates and fees shall be updated as required by the city water system plan, as approved by the state Department of Health and adopted by the city council through amendment of fee resolution.

Late Charges: $20.00

Water Turn on/off fee (non-payment account): $60

Transfer Fee for New Accounts: $15.00

NSF Fee: $35.00

Storm Water Rates
Storm water rates shall be $13.05 per household, commercial business, and/or unit
Storm water rates shall be $10.09 for qualifying low income senior citizens/disabled 55+

Lien Filing Charge: Actual cost plus 8% Administrative Fee

Lien Release Charge: Actual cost plus 8% Administrative Fee

For low income senior citizens at least Sixty two (62) years of age or fifty five (55) years of age and disabled please click on below link.
Senior Citizen/Disabled 55+ Low Income

Standard Monthly Water Rates for Qualifying Low Income Senior Citizen/Disabled 55+ Low Income     
Base Quantity  6,000 gallons…………….In City/$3.00 ……….Outside City/$4.00

City Hall hours and utility payment information

Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

We are closed daily from 12pm – 1pm for lunch.

Utility bills are printed between the 3rd and 8th of every month, they are due 10 days after printing.

There are several ways to pay your city utility bill:

  • You can pay in person during business hours, or
  • Pay by mail, or
  • Use the convenient drop box which is located at the back of the building – We ask that only check or money order be placed in the drop box and please make sure that either your physical address or account # is listed, if you don’t have your bill included.
  • Bank Bill Pay – If paying your bill online through your banks bill pay system, please make sure that you allow 7 – 10 business days for it to reach us.

We are now set up to take debit/credit in person, or simply click on one of the below links to access Allpaid. Please note that Allpaid charges a service fee of 2.65% per transaction.   NEW!!

For Credit Card payments on a utility account please click on the following link https://allpaid.com/plc/a005yz 

For Credit Card payments for permits or Violations please click on the following link https://allpaid.com/plc/a005zd 

Or simply scan the below QR-Code with your Smartphone to access Allpaid!

If you have additional questions please feel free to call 360.793.1101. Please note that Denise Beaston’s office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8am to 5pm, closing daily from 12-1pm for lunch.

Thank you,

Denise Beaston, Utility Clerk

E-mail Denise