Water Comp Plan

 City of Gold Bar 2014 Water System Plan

The City of Gold Bar Water System Plan is in PDF format. It contains all documents that are available in electronic format.
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Water System Plan Cover Sheet

Department of Health Approval Letter

August 5th, 2015 Council Meeting Minutes – Adoption of Ordinance #681 Water Comprehensive Plan.

City of Gold Bar, Ordinance #681 – Water Comprehensive Plan


2014 Water Comp Plan

Appendix A – Existing Water Rights & Permits

Appendix B – Water Right Permit Application

Appendix C – Pollution Control Hearings Board Water Rights Decision

Appendix D – Water Facilities Inventory and Well Logs

Appendix E – Water Quality Test Report

Appendix F – Hydraulic Analysis Results

Appendix G – Wellhead Protection Plan

Appendix H – Coliform Monitoring Plan

Appendix I – Snohomish County Fire District No. 26 Concurrence Letter

Appendix J – Settlement And Release Agreement

Appendix K – Intertie Agreement

Appendix L – Cross-Connection Control Ordinance

Appendix M – Population, Demand, And Storage Projections

Appendix N – Design And Construction Standards And Specifications, Section 5: Water Distribution

Appendix O – WSRB Protection Class Report

Appendix P – City Code Chapter 13.04 Water Service System

Appendix Q – Construction Completion Report

Appendix R – DOH Review Correspondence

Appendix S – SEPA Environmental Checklist

Appendix T – Municipal Water Law Attachments (MWL)