Public Works

The Public Works Department will efficiently develop, manage and operate the physical infrastructure that is the foundation of the City’s health, safety, and welfare while enhancing the quality of life in our community.

Public Works is responsible for a city infrastructure that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Engineering Services
  • Environmental, Surface Water and Storm Water
  • Water Utilities

Public Works Director

Rich Norris
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For more information on Permits and Application go to Permits under City Services

Snow Removal Routes

Please see below information on snow plow routes. You may also view the Snow Removal Ordinance in it’s entirety at the following link:

8.26.020 – Snow removal priority one, lifeline routes.

Priority one for city staff regarding snow removal shall be emergency routes, school access, community transit routes, city hall for the availability of all city services, and street collector routes.

Priority one snow removal.

  1. Lewis Street between 1st Street and 10th Street
  2. 5th Street between Croft Avenue (SR2) and the Gold Bar Elementary School
  3. 10th Street between Croft Avenue (SR2) Lewis Street
  4. 1st Street between Croft Avenue (SR2) and 1st Ave. West

8.26.030 – Snow removal priority two.

Priority two snow removal shall be done once priority one needs have been cleared, and dependent on resources, staff availability, and time.

Priority two snow removal.

  1. 415TH Ave. SE
  2. May Creek Road
  3. 1st Ave. West
  4. 17th Street
  5. 9th Street

8.26.040 – Snow removal priority three.

  1. Priority three snow removal shall be plowed once priority one and priority two snow removal needs have been cleared, and dependent on resources, staff availability, and time.
  2. Priority three streets shall be all remaining public streets as determined by the mayor, public works director, and/or city staff.
  3. Priority three snow removal shall include clearing of fire hydrants, stormwater drains, and other utility needs.

For the most up to date Waste Management information on service in the Gold Bar area, residents can check our website:

City Hall is open and staff are available for regular business. Please do not hesitate to call City Hall at (360)-793-1101 if you have questions or concerns regarding the weather or any other issues.