Permit FAQ

This is our permit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.  If you do not see an answer to your question, please email us.

How Do I Know if I Need a Permit? / Permit Types

Any type of construction or development project could require a permit – so it is best to call or come in to City Hall to speak with Pubic Works Director, Rich Norris and or Denise Beaston prior to start of construction, repair, or improvement. Please note that Denise Beaston & Rich Norris’s office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8am-5pm.

Pursuant to City Code, ALL projects are subject to a pre-application meeting with the City unless the requirement is waived by the City. In many cases, the requirements will be waived for simple construction projects and residential construction, however you are strongly encouraged to call or stop in to discuss your project prior to expending time and money preparing application materials and designing your project. A simple phone call or visit Public Works Director Rich Norris or Denise Beaston could save you time, money, and energy.

The City offers at no charge, consultation meetings for concept and preliminary compliance review. This is in an effort to identify potential permitting, and provide guidance for basic feasibility questions.

Citation for work without a permit may be subject to fines (double the permit fee), stop work orders, or other penalties.

Where Do I Go to Get a Permit?

Information regarding permits is available at Gold Bar City Hall

107 5th Street, Gold Bar, WA.
360. 793.1101.
8AM – 5PM Monday through Thursday.
We close daily from 12 – 1 PM for lunch.

Denise Beaston email is and/or Rich Norris at

Most permit applications can also be downloaded here on the website.

What are the costs of a permit?

The City’s Fee Schedule is adopted by the Council, and is subject to change. In addition, there may be preliminary and final fees, staff hours, special inspector, “buy-in” / connection, recording, and taxes due for differing permits. Public Works Director Rich Norris or Denise Beaston is available to provide information from start to finish regarding permitting fees and costs. Click here to view the fee schedule. Please note available office hours above for all building/development questions.

What Information Do I Need to Provide?

Differing permit types require different types of information, so it is best to contact the City to find out in advance what information you need to bring with you when you come in to obtain a permit. You will also need to be prepared to submit an application fee for many types of permits. At a minimum, you will be asked to fill out an application and will need to provide a site plan drawn to scale showing your property boundaries and existing and proposed structures, easements, and other relevant features of the project site. Additional information may include, but is not limited to, construction drawings, civil drawings, parking plan, stormwater plan, energy calculations, landscaping plan, lighting plan, and utilities plan. A packet including a Master Permit Application, Permit Handout form (details information which may need to be provided), and Site Plan Checklist and Example form is available at City Hall upon request.

Complex projects may be required to develop a project mitigation manual as part of State Environmental Policy Act review. A pre-application meeting with the City is required for complex projects.

What Happens After I Apply for a Permit?

Complete and accurate information is needed in order for City staff to review your proposal and issue a permit. The City may ask you to provide additional documentation, plans, or information necessary for review. The City may issue a formal Notice of Complete or Incomplete Application depending on the project type (where required or as a courtesy). For most residential and small commercial projects without land use components, departmental review can take a few days to a few weeks. Major construction projects will require a pre-application meeting as well as a pre-construction meeting with the applicant and permit issuance times vary depending on the complexity of the project. Land use permit issuance times vary considerably depending upon location and the nature of the project due to mandated noticing and other time periods.

What Happens After I Get the Permit?

This is authorization to start work and/or proceed. Carefully read and understand any decision issued for the permit and any conditions of approval. If you have questions regarding the permit, or need clarification, contact staff as early as possible.

Call for inspections. You must speak to someone to schedule an inspections, we will not accept inspection messages left on the answering machine. 24 hour notice is REQUIRED. An inspector will check to make sure that work is done according to the appropriate code(s) and that City ordinances are being complied with. In the case of building permits, there will be required inspections.

After the final inspection, you will be granted approval to occupy or issued a Certificate of Occupancy.

Have Questions or Need Specific Information?

We recognize every project is unique and welcome your questions. It is much easier to adjust your plans in the early stages of planning to comply with the various codes and ordinances than it is after project plans have been finalized. Help is only a phone call away. You can also ask for a pre-application meeting. Unlike a full permit application, persons requesting a pre-application meeting may submit any materials for staff review and comment in order to shape their individual project.