The City of Gold Bar has legalized WATV use with restrictions on Gold Bar City streets that have a 35MPH speed limit or less.  

There will be a zero tolerance policy regarding violators. Any person who violates a provision of this chapter is guilty of a traffic infraction and will be punished by the imposition of a monetary penalty as authorized by RCW 46.09.485, as existing or hereafter amended; provided, that conduct that constitutes a criminal traffic offense may be charged as such and is subject to the maximum penalties allowed for such offenses. 

WATV users are strongly encouraged to review the City of Gold Bar’s Municipal Code (GBMC 10.18) for requirements, prohibited uses, and required equipment, prior to WATV use. A direct link to the ordinance has been included at the bottom of this page.

Riders must be licensed drivers and carry liability insurance. WATVs may not be operated on Gold Bar City streets with speed limits over 35mph. 

A partial list of requirements include:

  • Helmets for operators and passengers unless WATV is equipped with seat belts, roll bars, or enclosed passenger compartment.
  • A person who operates a wheeled all-terrain vehicle shall carry proof of current liability insurance in compliance with, and with coverage limits at least equivalent to the amounts set forth in, Chapter 46.29 RCW.
  • Must comply with registration requirements listed in RCW 46.09.
  • Riders must obey all traffic control devices and rules of the road.
  • Drivers may not operate WATVs in a negligent or unsafe manner, may not tow anything behind the WATV, may not operate WATVs side by side in a single lane of traffic, and shall not carry passengers unless the WATV is equipped for passengers. 
  • WATVs may not be operated on sidewalks, in parks, on trails, bike paths, or anywhere operation of motorized vehicles is prohibited.
  • WATVs are required to have an identifying flag as listed in the GBMC.

Click on the blue underlined items above to view the full Gold Bar Municipal Code (GBMC) requirements and prohibited uses for WATVs and related RCWs!