Updated, 8:08pm!! Water Main Break on Orchard Avenue Repaired, August 4th,2020

Water Main Break On Orchard Avenue – UPDATE!

City staff were able to make the repair with only turning water service off to one customer. If you encounter discolored water, please run cold water tap until clear. Discolored water comes from agitating  silt that naturally lays on the bottom of the water main, the agitation happens when the main is shut down and then turned back on.  Any questions and/or concerns, please contact City Hall.

Water Main Breaks Only – After Hours
Contact Water Manager Richard Baker, 425.238.1935 or Public Works Director Rich Norris, 425.238.4649

Water Quality Problems contact City Hall
Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.
We are closed daily from 12pm – 1pm
After hours please contact Water Manager Richard Baker at 425.238.1935 or Public Works Director Rich Norris at 425.238.4649