Rat Issues: Snohomish County Health Dept. Info on how to Control Them

Flyer from Snohomish County Health District: Rats & How to Control Them

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Complaints have been registered concerning rat activity throughout the city.  Please check the following below items at your residence to help cut down on this issue:

  1. Pet foods must not be left out.  Store all food in rodent-proof containers. This includes bird and squirrel feed, even when stored in garages, etc.
  2. All garbage must be stored in rodent-resistant containers (garbage cans with tight fitting lids).
  3. Dog droppings must be picked up frequently (2-3 times a week).
  4. Food waste should not be composted until rat activity is over. After rat activity ends, non-fat foods, such as fruit waste and vegetables may be composted if material is covered immediately with soil.
  5. Fruit from trees  or shrubs should be cleaned up shortly after it has fallen on the ground.
  6. Keep stored material (firewood, boxes, lumber, pipes, etc.) up off the ground with a space of 12-18 inches beneath.
  7. Openings allowing access into your home (i.e., cracks in the foundation, openings around pipes, doors, etc.) should be sealed or screened with 1/4 inch wire mesh or concrete.
  8. Rats can be destroyed by either trapping or poisoning.  When disposing of rodent carcasses or items in contact with rodent carcasses, wear rubber gloves.  Carefully place rodent, droppings, traps, etc, into a plastic bag before disposal.  Disinfect all areas of contact (including gloves) with a solution containing 1/2 cup bleach and 5 cups water.  Wash your hands.