New Designer Drug Warning

There is a dangerous new drug on the streets – it’s called flakka or gravel or “$5 insanity.”

FLAKKA, Gravel, $5 Insanity
These are some of the names for a relatively new designer drug in our Washington State.  It has become a significant problem in the eastern U.S.  This story by Q13 Fox News gives a reasonably good summary of what it is.


Oxy 80, Oxy CDN, Green Monsters, Green Beans, Green Jellies, Street Oxy

These are some of the names for counterfeit Oxycodone, made with Fentanyl.  It is said to be 20 times more powerful than pure heroin and up to 100 times more powerful than prescription Oxycodone.  When the user consumes Street Oxy in the same quantity as he/she normally uses, and overdoses.  This mixture is faster acting than Oxycodone so death is fairly likely.  The link below is from Canadian authorities but it is a good article on the drug.  This drug has been cited in the news in the Puget Sound Region as the cause of several overdose incidents.

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