City of Sultan, Requesting Public Engagement on Alternatives for the US2 Corridor


The City of Sultan is conducting a public engagement process in 2022 focused on transportation improvement alternatives for the US2 Corridor. More information about the US2 Alternatives Analysis is available at  

The public engagement process involves three rounds of in person/Hybrid meetings for three different stakeholder working groups (technical, local community, and regional) to:

  • Identify problems to solve, improvements to include, and impacts to avoid (Round 1);
  • Review an evaluation of the alternatives based on initial feedback and recommend alternatives to advance, eliminate, or refine (Round 2);
  • Select a preferred alternative from the alternatives advanced from the previous round and provide additional refinements if required (Round 3).

These meetings are scheduled from May to October and will culminate in:

  • Presentations to the Sultan City Council after each round;
  • A final summary report identifying a preferred US2 Corridor alternative.

We are looking for you to participate in the US 2 survey. The survey can be found at or follow the QR code below.


Nate Morgan

Public Works Director

City of Sultan

Office: 360-793-2262

Cell: 425-508-8987