Call For Public Participation Notice For Shoreline Master Program Update


City of Gold Bar, Washington

The City of Gold Bar is conducting a periodic review of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) for the City’s shoreline along Skykomish River, Wallace River, and May Creek. The SMP determines the types and uses of shoreline development, provides for public access, and increases opportunities for restoration. You may send comments to the City of Gold Bar at 360-793-1101 or email You may also send comments via email to Project Lead Talia Tittelfitz at

You Can Provide Comments Now!

Coordinating with the Department of Ecology, the City has prepared initial draft SMP amendments to keep the SMP current with changes in state law, changes in other City plans and regulations, and other changed local circumstances. This information is presented on the City website ( in multiple formats:

  • a poster,
  • an initial draft Periodic Review Checklist of proposed SMP revisions (dated November 2018), and
  • an initial draft SMP Amendments document with annotated revisions (dated January 2019).

The City is currently seeking informal input on these initial draft documents from all residents, property owners, and other stakeholders regarding the proposed amendments.

Upcoming Draft

Based on your feedback and ongoing review between the City and the Department of Ecology, the next draft of SMP amendments will posted on the website on February 1st. This is the draft which will be released for formal review under the Growth Management Act, the State Environmental Policy Act, and joint public review by the Department of Ecology and City Council.

More Opportunities to Comment on the SMP Review

A formal 30-day comment period is anticipated from March 1 to April 2. Comments sent to the City will be forwarded to the Department of Ecology.

Your participation is encouraged at all City Council meetings, which are open to the public. Each meeting will provide information about the progress of the work. City Council meetings are held at 7 PM in Gold Bar City Hall.

Important Dates

February 1 – Look for the next draft of the SMP amendments on the City’s website.

March 1 – The formal joint public comment period opens.

March 5 – The revised draft checklist and SMP amendments are presented to City Council at the regular bimonthly meeting.

April 2 – The City and the Department of Ecology host a joint public hearing to review the draft SMP amendments at City Council’s regular bimonthly meeting. The formal public comment period closes.

April 16 – The City’s response to public comments is presented to the Planning Commission at the regular bimonthly meeting. The Commission is asked to recommend the SMP Amendments for adoption by Town Council.

May 18 – The Department of Ecology issues an initial determination on the proposed SMP amendments.

May 21 – Considering the Department of Ecology’s determination, City Council is asked to take action on approving the amendments to the SMP by ordinance.

June 30 – Final submittal to the Department of Ecology.

Join the Mailing List

If you would like to be included on the email list for the Skykomish Shoreline Master Program periodic review, please mail your contact information to:

City of Gold Bar

          Shoreline Master Program

          107 5th Street

          Gold Bar, WA 98251

You may also email your contact information to Denise Beaston at

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