Bolt Creek Wildfire Slope Concerns, September 21st, 2022

Bolt Creek Wildfire

The type 2 incident team had this map produced showing the areas of most concern by Geo techs and WSDOT. It is publicly available at the link below.

Slope Concerns

There is now a map that has been created by the Type 2 GIS team that shows the primary areas of concern by the geo techs and WSDOT crews about what areas along highway 2 are “slopes of concern”. This is mainly any areas that may see some limited earth movement and/or trees that may come down on their own or from weather impacts.

This map was posted on a public site by the IMT and that site can be found here: Index of /public/incident_specific_data/pacific_nw/2022_Incidents_Washington/2022 Bolt WA-NWS-000150/MAPS/Current_Maps (

You can share this map if you’d like.