Explore Summer: Look Up To The Stars – Sno-Isle Library

Explore Summer: Look Up To The Stars Seasoned astronomer and former NASA consultant Kevin Manning will demonstrate how scientists measure great distances in space, how objects in space move and interact, and will discuss what is required to live in the airless world of outer space.  After this informative presentation, Kevin will have telescopes with […]

Explore Summer, Planet Science – Sno-Isle Library

Explore Summer, Planet Science Stamp your planet Science passport at each station: topographical sandbox, earth pigments, wonder robots, rocks, fossils, dinosaur bones, seismograph and an earthquake table.  For ages 5-11.  Funded by Friends of the Sultan Library. Preregistration required. Date: Wed, Aug 2nd Time: 10am Sultan Library 360-793-1695

Explore Summer, Ultimate Candy Challenge – Sno-Isle Library

Ultimate Candy Challenge So, do you think you know everything there is to know about candy? Let’s test that thought with some trivia, science, recognition exercises and a little tasting (at your peril).  For school-age kids (K-5).  Supported by Friends of the Lake Stevens Library. Date: Monday, July 31st Time: 11am Sultan Library 360-793-1695

Family Steam Storytime – Sno-Isle Library

Family Steam Storytime Learn through exploring science, technology, engineering, art, or math.  All ages are welcome. Caregiver required. Supported by Friends of the Sultan Library. Date: Thursday, July 6-27th Time: 10AM Sultan Library 360-793-1695