City Council

The City Council meets at 7:00 pm in the Gold Bar City Hall Council Chambers on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.


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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

If you wish to contact a City Council member directly you may use one of the email links below.

City Council Members

Position 1
John Dawson

John Dawson was appointed to Gold Bar City Council and began his term on May 3rd, 2016.
Dawson’s Oath of Office
John’s Email

Position 2
Steve Yarbrough

Steve Yarbrough was appointed to Position 2 of the Gold Bar City Council and began his first term in June 2017.  Steve’s term runs until 2018.
Steve’s Oath of Office
Steve’s Email

Position 3
Florence (Davi) Martin

Florence D. Martin (Davi) was first appointed to Position 3 of the Gold Bar City Council and began her first term in July 2010. She is currently serving a 4 year term which began in December 2014 and will end in 2018.
Martin’s Oath of Office
Davi’s Email

Position 4
Kendall Wallace

Kendall Wallace is currently serving Position 4, his first elected 4-year term which began in January 2016.
Wallace’s Oath of Office
Kendall’s Email

Position 5
Brian Diaz

Brian Diaz was appointed to Position 5 by the Gold Bar City Council on January 19th, 2016. Brian’s term runs until 2018.

Diaz’s Oath of Office
Brian’s Email